Castlegar Airport Shuttle

Daily service between
Castlegar Airport & Nelson, BC

Nelson bridge

 Castlegar Airport Shuttle


Door to Door Service $ 8.00  in Nelson


( by 5 pm day before ) 

If no passengers are booked the shuttle does not go out to the Airport 

If flights are cancelled then the shuttle does not run 

 Pick up location: Vernon St / Ward St corner  ( HUME HOTEL )


May  1st   2016  -October  30  2016  


 7.00  am

From :  Vernon St / Ward St corner  ( HUME HOTEL )

SERVICING FLIGHTS   #  AC 8247     7x week

10.00 am

From :  Vernon St / Ward St corner  ( HUME HOTEL )

SERVICING FLIGHTS   #   8474   7x week

12.50 pm

From :  Vernon St / Ward St corner  ( HUME HOTEL )

SERVICING FLIGHT # AC 8249   7x week 

3.20 pm

From : Vernon St / Ward St corner  ( HUME HOTEL )

** Door to Door not available

SERVICING FLIGHT #  AC 8251  7 x week 


08:35 am

From : Castlegar  Airport

SERVICING FLIGHT # AC 8246  7x week 

11:25 am

From : Castlegar  Airport

SERVICING FLIGHT # AC 8473  7x week 

 2.45 pm

From:  Castlegar  Airport

SERVICING FLIGHT # AC 8248  7x week 

4.50 pm

From : Castlegar  Airport

SERVICING FLIGHT # AC 8250 7 x week 


  • This shuttle services requires all passengers to have a reservation, please ensure that your reservation is submitted by 5.00 pm the day before your travel date.
  • Schedule is subject to change without notice due to delayed or cancelled flights
  • Please note if you have a international flight connection with Air Canada then Air Jazz recommends being at the Castlegar airport 1.5 hrs prior to your departure time. Please book your shuttle accordingly.
  • At time of booking, please let us know if your infant / toddler will need a booster or car seat
  • Pick up times are approximate.  Please allow 10-15 minutes leeway for other pickups
  • Shuttles are subject to availability
  • Services are not confirmed if booking request is left only on the answering machine
  • Queen City Transportation  LTD is NOT RESPONSIBLE for anybody late for departures, missed flights due to weather, road conditions, passengers late loading,  mechanical or any other conditions